Your Brand's Secret Weapon... Tone

This week we had the privilege of working with a group of passionate young designers. Our goal was to try to help them integrate storytelling into their communications strategies. We were discussing successful strategies, case studies, industry leaders, and practical tips that can help them evolve into modern digital businesses. At one point an emerging designer raised the question of social media post length. Should we explore bigger ideas on social platforms or just stick with quick snappy captions? Her question was rooted in the idea that people don't come to social media to read.

Now we're not going to lie and say that the majority of social media users are there to enrich their perspectives and learn about new ideas (though these magical users do exist). If that was the case, the insta-famous influencers and endless meme bots would be outliers instead of platform leaders. But this question got us thinking about how to approach writing content when you're bombarded with tips, tricks, best practices, and competitors.

Our response was simple. It all comes down to tone. A strong consistent tone is the not-so secret weapon that brands need to captivate their audience. Write content that your audience wants to consume and write it with emotional intelligence. It isn't all about what you say, it's also how you say it. As long as you have your tone right, your audience will stay for a longer post.

We often bang on to our clients about connecting their content to an emotional root and it's for good reason. Content that provokes and emotional response is a proven tactic that not only humanizes your brand but also invites a deep connection with your audience. 

Sofia Barattieri