Transform Influencers into Brand Ambassadors

In the past, the gold standard of advertising and PR was reach. How many eyeballs can we get on our product? It’s because of this that Super Bowl or Oscar night ads were the most coveted and the most expensive.

When social media burst onto our radar it seemed that the opportunity for reach was limitless. Unfortunately, we now know that numbers aren’t everything online. Numbers can lie. With the exception of a few unicorns, having a profile with a large reach doesn’t guarantee influence. It’s not just about awareness, even though that’s a key step in the process, it’s about what happens next. Once the user knows about your brand, what can you do to convert them into a loyal customer?

These same questions can be asked about any of the other metrics we’re currently using. What’s the point in having 10,000 followers if none of them ever buy anything? Or 100 comments per post when 80% are spam

This is an exciting time in social media. As we see the rise of private messaging platforms, brands are going to face much higher standards. Conversations will not be public and they will have to be earned. If you capture the attention of the right influencer you will spread your message by good old fashioned word of mouth. It's all about delivering the right message via the right influencer.

Our business is based around storytelling and at the heart of any good storytelling strategy is conversation. It’s a change in mind set that asks ‘what can I do for the user?’ It doesn’t matter whether you’re empowering them, educating them, or entertaining them. It's not just about reaching an audience, it's about transforming your audience into ambassadors that carry your conversation into their networks. 

Sofia Barattieri