I have worked with Barattieri Collective since the pre-launch stage of my business and working with them has been one of my favorite experiences as an entrepreneur.  Their approach to social media, content development and branding is exemplary. From the very beginning they rolled up their sleeves and dove deep into the DNA of the brand and have held my hand every step of the way. Sofia and her team are incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, devoted, giving, creative and an absolute joy to work with. They worked from their hearts and were true partners in making our brand come alive. Their digital strategy and campaign ideas were always innovative, elevated and ahead of any trends. 

-- Founder, Sana Jardin



Barattieri Collective have been fundamental in helping our brand streamline our identity and help focus on future goals. Starting as an independent brand is all consuming and often easy to lose your focus, Sofia is outstanding to ‘re group’ and ensure you’re driving your brand forward not backwards. I highly recommend her. 

— Creative Director, Mother of Pearl

Barratieri Collective has been our strategic consulting agency from the initial stage of when the idea for our business was born.  They helped us map out the branding and business strategy as well as fully run the digital effort of setting up an e-commerce site, building social media presence, planning shoots and campaigns and thinking about the business in a digital way. BC has set us up with the right consultants in many aspects of the business and are involved in various parts of the business providing valuable connections, advice and strategy. Their biggest focus however is helping the company build our digital presence and they have helped with every aspect of that. BC is a very valuable partner for every start up to get the business from the idea stage to being operational and on the right path for the next much bigger stage. We are very grateful to have their support on this journey.
-- Founder & Creative Director, KOIBIRD
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Working with Barattieri Collective has been a fascinating journey. In our sessions together we rediscovered a magic in our brand and extracted clear brand pillars that now help us strategise across all key digital areas of the business. There is a genuine, authentic and contagious energy that you will experience working with Barattieri Collective that will drive the whole process. You will feel that you are working with old friends rather than distant consultants. This is a company of smart women whom you will learn a great deal from.
- Creative Directors, Teatum Jones

Barattieri Collective have honed a very precise and intelligent process to help clients understand the DNA of their brands - using somewhat forensic methods that leave you with a very clear picture of who and what your objectives are. A brand's identity is essential to its success in a world oversaturated with product and I believe the BC can play a fundamental role in helping to clarify and reach ones goals.
- Designer who prefers to remain anonymous

Barattieri Collective spent a number of sessions with us interrogating not just our digital voice but everything we knew about our brand. We were provoked and inspired to articulate the personality and values of the Bush Theatre, the results of which we've returned to again and again to inform our mission, our visual brand, our digital strategy and more. In addition, we had a lot of fun in our sessions with the Barattieri Collective and would without doubt encourage other Arts organisations to work with them too.
- Artistic Director, Bush Theatre

We had a wonderful experience working with Barattieri Collective. They patiently guided us through the process of bringing a heritage brand into the digital space. They mastered the art of branding and digital strategy and applied it beautifully to an industry that has been resistant in the past. As real estate projects move more into the lifestyle sector, it's important for us to have a voice in the conversation and Barattieri Collective found that voice and taught us how to use it to tell the stories of our projects. We would highly reccommend them to any creative business. 
- CEO, Northacre PLC

Barattieri Collective worked with us to reveal many insights during the refresh of our company’s core brand values and marketing strategy. Working with BC, we were really impressed by their process, experience, passion and energy for what they do. With their creative approach, they have assisted in the development the social media concepts, visual routes and executed the implementation. The BC team worked extremely closely with our Studio to ensure effective delivery and results, therefore making their work invaluable to the entire process. 
- CEO, Alison Henry Design